Monday, March 12, 2007

Sin the root of the problem

This article by is not exactly for the faint of heart. For me it causes conflicting desires of wanting to drum them over the head and wanting to reach out. Rather than go into the gruesome details, I will simply state a mom killed her children. Usually after such a thing hits the news, people start asking why a person could do such a horrific things e.g. Andrea Yates. The answer though is not one people want to hear. It is the expression of the inherited sin nature of human beings. This is the root cause. The twisted nature that we inherit from Adam warps our perceptions, thoughts, and feelings so that we end up doing despicable things. People don't want to hear this because they want to maintain the delusion that people are inherently good. So, I am sure there will be many people calling for her to be given mental therapy rather than jail time.

Mental therapy is all well and good but it is not going to treat the problem only the symptoms. This woman and her boyfriend desperately need a good dose of the Law to wake them up to the fact that they aren't right. Then we can treat the real problem with the healing balm of the Gospel.

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