Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Aardvark Alley's questions answered

The illustrious gatherer of Lutheran bloggers Aardvark Alley, has posed a paradox "how can there be two Luthers?" Well, I thought about just saying we are Lutherans and so we can rejoice in the paradox but no there is a much simpler explanation. Part of what happened is explained in my bio, I fell into a cryochamber and was frozen. How the cryochamber came to be in my chambers, I really do not know but I suspect Nibbler is behind it. I was later unfrozen in the year 2004 and refrozen in 2017 hoping that movies would be better in the future. I was unfrozen again in 3001, where I was promptly hired by a senile professor to be the official documenter of the crew's exploits. It was fun, I got to carry around a very cool holocam. Yes, but how did you get back to the 21 century you ask. Long story short, Fry accidentally created a rip in the space-time continuum and we were sucked back in time and we crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. When we sold the story to Matt Groening, he decided to send us back because it made for a happier ending. We have made ourselves quite at home here in the 21st century, Leela and Fry finally admitted their love for each other and are now happily married, Bender currently works as their hot water heater while doing some other work he is hesitant to tell me about. Zoidberg, is thrilled with his job as the Red Lobster mascot; Red Lobster got a great deal on him, he works for food. Hermes was hired by the IRS where he lives out his dream of endless filing. The professor moved to Florida to be with like minded people.

Interesting nonsensical side note, spell check thinks the correct spelling for cryochamber is chamberpot.

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