Monday, March 5, 2007

Pardon me for calling you a Bandit

The mother of one of the "Barbie Bandits" told America on Good Morning America that
I want [people] to know that her and Heather both are not bandits, they're little girls that made a bad choice. - Joy Miller
Little girl, my eye, she's 19! She is old enough to know that robbing a bank is not a good idea or right. A five year old could tell you that robbing a bank is not a good idea. Just a little girl, bah. This just a blatant ploy to win sympathy for the little felon in the court of public opinion in the hopes the court will go easy on her aspiring Bonnie. Making excuses for children is a failure to live up to one's vocation as a parent. If Joy really wanted to help her daughter she would be helping Ashley own her crime and admit she did wrong. Alas, she is doing what every delusional sinner does makes excuses rather than face the Law.

Of course, the father of the other girl is no better.

God gives us free will and it's up to us what we do with it," he said. "Any adult has to make decisions and live with them — good, bad or indifferent."
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