Thursday, April 17, 2008

Afternoon show leaves a lot to be desired

I finally got to hear some clips of the new Afternoon Show on KFUO courtesy of Save the LCMS and this is all I have to say. It sounds like something KSBJ vomited up, if you aren't familiar with the giant Christian radio station in Houston, it is a lame vacuous example of wasting air time and space full of crap pop theology and annoyingly perky djs. With the current inexplicable fear of being different that seems to rule the LCMS a great show that discussed theology from a clearly Lutheran perspective has been replaced with inane banter. Yeah, that's going to reel them in and win them souls. Come on Board of Communications bring back Issues, ETC. and fire the director of KFUO.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Further Proof That The Teachers of Tolerance Are Okay With Intolerance

The ADF (Alliance Defense Fund) may have finally found their headline case proving governmental discrimination against Christianity. Foxnews reports that they are now suing a school over a policy that bans the depiction of religious imagery in art class. Unless, they are saddled with the stupidest judge (thank God they are not under the purview of the 9th Circuit Court) in history the lawyers for ADF will have a cake walk.

The case in question a student received a zero because he drew a picture for class featuring a cross and the ubiquitous Jn 3:16 reference. The teacher in defense showed him a copy of the official class policy which he then tore up. Now it is not known if the kid knew the policy before hand, however, if he did I applaud him for making a stand. Why? Well it appears the school has a teacher actively teaching Hindu principles, there is a classroom featuring religious idols, the school has numerous demonic representation on display, features a statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva, and a replica of Michaelangelo's "The Creation of Man."

So, either the teacher is making a concerted effort independent of the school to suppress creativity in her class, or the school is willfully suppressing Christian religious expression, albeit unsuccessfully, while allowing pagan religious expression. I do think the school is going to lose the lawsuit (likely settled out of court) but it is unclear if this will result in a total ban (likely in today's climate of "tolerance") or allowing unfettered expression.

R.I.P. Issues,etc.

Most of you have already heard about the untimely demise of KFUO show Issues, etc. I must lament that I am going to miss listening to the podcasts of the show. Sadly, people do not realize the full extent of internet communication for radio stations. After hearing Pres. Jerry's response, I think it is time that we have officials who actually understand the modern world. Jerry, your a nice guy, but you need to realize the impact that technology is having beyond powerpoint sermons. I was one of the many who utilized iTunes' free distribution of the Issues, etc. program. Being a pastor with the normal demand on time it was nice to be able to pick which hour I listened to while working in the office, but this will no longer happen because somebody didn't do a proper job in researching the listener base. Maybe there needs to be a change in the KFUO management and not the shows? Just a thought.