Monday, March 5, 2007

Junk on Jesus continued

Well, I did it I managed to watch The Jesus Tomb with out killing my tv. I will say that with the exception of the production quality the whole thing was a farce. The evidence they presented were all based on "if". The whole thing sounded like if this then it might be this. Eck put together better reasoning than this Jacobovici fellow, and get this Simon, not being a scientist/archaeologist is no excuse for producing badly reasoned material. Even a film maker should be able to figure out that you don't start with an idea then get or manipulate results into agreeing with your idea.

Bad Idea #1 - Relying on Statistics - there is a reason it is called lying with numbers. Never believe statistics, the numbers can be manipulated to say anything you want.

Bad Idea #2 - Over stating the value of Mitochondrial DNA, this type of DNA which is passed down only by the mother can only tell you if they are related maternally either brother/sister or mother/son. I find it hard to believe the clip of the CSI type guy was "unedited" I am sure they filmed it in such a way to elicit his response.

Bad Idea #3 - Relying on a 4th century text that is already suspect in its authenticity. I have no doubt that the text they used is 4th century. What is in doubt is the authenticity of the information. The material first surfaced approximately 150 years after Jesus died not exactly an eyewitness account.

Bad Idea #4 - Perpetuating the Da Vinci Code Conspiracy Myth. I suppose they couldn't help take a shot at Christians for maintaining the male only pastorate, but can they at least be little honest intellectually by acknowledging the earliest Christian writings, Paul's letters indicate a male only pastorate. Oh wait I forgot Paul was a misogynist and cannot be trusted to relay truth. In addition, the Church didn't suppress the Gnostic writings in the fourth century they were never accepted by the church with the exceptions of a few people who had ulterior motives. While I am thinking about it what is with them calling Gnostic writings "Christian."

But then what can I expect, Simon Jacobovici is only a filmmaker not a scientist. What a load of horse manure, even a filmmaker should be have better ability at assembling good evidence and using logic.

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