Monday, March 26, 2007

Luther's thought for the day

God's word is the true "holy thing" above all holy things. Yes, it is the only one we Christians know and have. Though we had the bones of all the saints or all holly and consecrated garments upon a heap, still that would not help us at all. All that stuff is a dead thing that can sanctify no one. But God's Word is the treasure that sanctifies everything. By the Word even all the saints themselves were sanctified. Whenever God's Word is taught, preached, heard, read, or meditated upon, then the person, day, and work are sanctified. This is not because of the outward work, but because of the Word, which makes saints of us all. Therefore, I constantly say that all our life and work must be guided by God's Word, if it is to be God pleasing or holy. Where this is done, this commandment is in force and being fulfilled.
- Luther's LC 2nd Commandment 91-92
The people at St Matthew's Churches out of Oklahoma should read this statement. Maybe then they would stop sending me those wretched "prayer rugs." They are as bad as the holy relic merchants who sold enough pieces of the cross to build enough crosses to crucify all of Europe.

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