Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Speaking of Sex

Epic Church in Rochester Hills, Mi has made the news with their Lenten Series on sex called Pure Sex. This isn't your usual topic for Lenten sermons as Lent is generally a season for reflection on our need for repentance. Then again in our overly sexual society what sin are we more likely going to need to confess then sexual sins. All sins are equally damning but the abuses of sex are some of our favorite sins.

Now I am not going to comment on Pastor Kade's sermons because I haven't heard or read them but I think that it is possible to talk very frankly and honestly about sex in a Law and Gospel manner.

I am not sure about his statement that God wants us to have great sex, as I am a little hazy on a verses which declare that God desires for all people to have great sex. However, I am sure God wishes for us to have sex because how else are we going to have children and God says children are a good thing. In some ways I think we could do a lot of good towards discouraging teenage premarital sex by being open about sex and removing the mystique that society has created.

I do intend to write Pastor Kade to see if he is willing to share his sermon outline/text because I know there are going to be questions in my neck of the woods.

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