Thursday, February 15, 2007

SBC warns members about Mormons

Now, one would think that not trusting Mormon teachings is a no brainer, but then maybe SBC'ers are really that stupid. reports that Rob Bowman of North American Missions has issued a warning against Mormon teachings. This warning comes in the wake of the announcement of Mitt Romney's bid for President, hmmm... maybe this is a move by somebody's campaign office against Mitt Romney? I don't know but you have to wonder considering how large a voting block the SBC is.

Back to the original statement, did people really need to hear that Mormonism is not Christian? Considering the Mormon push to appear Christian it may be needed. However, I really do not understand how people could think that a group that believes in the planet Kolob, magic underwear, and a continually changing stance on caffeine and polygamy is a Christian church. Would you want to learn theology from a group who believes Jesus was not a God until after he died or that Jesus did not die for your sins? Not me, as fellow blogger House M.Div writes, Battlestar Galactica or Mormons in Space may have been a great show, but I sure wouldn't go to them for theological advice.

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