Monday, February 26, 2007

Gore wins when choir votes

Tell me is anybody surprised that Al Gore's movie won in a contest decided by the residents of the land of Gas Guzzling Environmentalist Dilettantes?

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Catherine Johnson said...


I just found you!

(It's me, Catherine, from ktm.)

I took the creationism statement down.

I kind of feel the same way you do about it; I don't like to see things I do think are wrong criticized as being like religion or some aspect of religion.

It's hard, because there is something about constructivism -- about ed schools in general -- that feels very like "religion."

The other night my husband came home from a Board meeting really worked up; he said the administration is on a "civilizing mission" (parents being the natives); then he said that constructivism really is a religion.

He is an agnostic bordering on atheist, so for him this useage isn't as uncomfortable as it for me.

otoh, his first book was about Christianity and the peasants in France, and he thinks Roll, Jordan Roll is brilliant.

I protested that I don't like to call constructivism a religion, because I don't want to say that religion is a constructivism, so to speak.

He came up with the correct characterization: constructivism is a "false religion."

That actually works well for me.

Anyway, enough with the creationism analogies!