Monday, February 5, 2007

Gender confused prof. gets the boot reported today that Spring Arbor University, associated with the Free Methodist church, is being sued for discrimination because they had the audacity to stand up for the idea of expecting high moral standards from their faculty. John/Julie Nemecek back in 2005 apparently decided that the equipment given to him by the creator was good enough for him and started physically altering his appearance.

Talk about your in your face to God, and then he has the audacity to state, "I have done nothing immoral or sinful." I think John needs a refresher course on what it means to have God in charge. Actions such as John's are breaking the 1st commandment "Do not have any gods above me," because John has elevated his desires to abandon the gifts God gave him over that of God's desires, which in effect makes John's desires a god.

I do not know if Spring Arbor has handled things as well as could be handled, I admit that if Melancthon had started dressing in drag, I would have been initially tempted to drop kick him across the Wartburg. However, such actions do make it hard for people to listen to you later when you try to guide them to repentance. That said, I do believe they are right to dismiss John when he persisted in acting in a manner that is obviously against the will of God. I would hope this incident would serve as a wake up but, it is my experience that the old Adam will win out by convincing him that they, the faculty, are unloving bigots.

Professor: "Bender! A robot sex change is a complex and dangerous procedure. Replacing your testosteroil with fembot lubricants can cause wild mood swings. And the effects may be irreversible. Well, let's get started."
Leela: "No, you can't!"
Amy: "If you have even the slightest respect for the dignity of women..."
Bender: "Pfft."

- Futurama "Bend Her" 4ACV12

An interesting idea, sex changes show a lack of respect for the opposite gender. Maybe we should pursue this idea further.

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