Monday, February 5, 2007

69 - 66 gotta love that score

I find it ironic that Kansas who has never lost at home to a Big 12 South team lost this weekend to a team that just 4 years ago couldn't win a conference game. I must say the turn around of the Aggie Basketball team is pretty sweet. Especially, since during my tenure in Aggieland the men's team was the laughing stock of the league.

I just love how Acie Law has grown up over the past few years. I don't know what Billy did to him but he has gone from a crying prima dona to a respectable team leader.

Of course, the team as a whole has really made a turn around. A few years ago, they would have collapsed in defeat at some of the gut punches a powerhouse like Kansas can lay on you. But, they have shown true Aggie Spirit by taking those punches and punching right back.

I must say I am looking forward to tonights grudge match between t.u. and my Aggies. It is a shame t.u. lost this week since it will likely cost them their ranking. My prediction is there are two likely outcomes. One t.u.'s talented but young team will put a fight in the first half but towards halftime will become frustrated by an experienced and tough defensive team and begin to make mistakes the Aggies will capitalize on or, the Aggies will succeed in stifling Durant but one of his team mates will step up as pressure is taken off him. Either way, I think we are in for an all out brawl that will definitely be worth watching.

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