Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Terrible Secret

I have a terrible secret. I have found a way to get numerous amounts of meaningless hits. It won't take much time out of your day to do it either and it requires absolutely no ability to think. Do you want to know my terrible secret?

Post pictures of cool guns.

When we checked our stats yesterday we noticed that the number of visitors to our blog jumped. To give you an idea we normally average 20 hits a day. No big deal right? Well, yesterday we had 270+ hits and 95% of them were looking for guns on google. I can only hope a few stuck around to read some of the things we had written and will come again.

So all I can really say is, "Thank you, Come again."


Hummie said...

Oh my. I have not experienced that one yet! Thanks for the heads up.

jWinters said...

For you, it's guns...for me, it's "University of Florida Gators". Oh well.... (Also, oddly enough, my "Saints and Days" on "Joseph of Arimathea" is also a big seller.)