Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Does this mean I can't name my son Martin Luther Jr.? reports that a couple in Sweden is suing to for the right to name their daughter Metallica. Apparently the Swedish Nanny State has determined this is an unfit name for a little girl because it is associated with the heavy metal mega group Metallica and the word 'metal'. This makes me wonder if they would allow me to name my son, should I eventually have one, Martin Luther Jr. or would they claim that it is too closely associated with a famous black preacher and a little known monk. (sorry but it kind of urks me that when people hear Martin Luther they think of that King fellow and violent streets with his name while completely ignoring the man he was named after. King did good work, but it would be nice to have my work remembered particularly if it was associated with the preaching of the Gospel.) In some ways, this ruling by the Swedish, we know better than you, Government seems a little hypocritical. How many Johatans, Johans, and Josefs have been turned down because they are too closely related to major religions? Zero.

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