Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is HOPE all that you hoped for?

Flatoday.com reports that the Florida State Legislature is ready to vote on a bill for the funding of Stem Cell research titled HOPE, "Hope Offered through Principled, Ethically sound stem cell research." To be honest I am not sure that it is all that I hoped. I had hoped there would actually be money to put into the bill, however, it appears they did a hack job and will not be offering 20 million in research grants. A shame because the bill would provide this money to research conducted on the most ethical source, adult stem cells. However, instead of great legislation we have a laughing stock. They must have spent the 20 million trying to pay for the increases in hurricane insurance. {For those of you who do not know, many congregations in Florida are hurting right now because our hurricane insurance has gone through the roof or they have been dropped, to give you a clue our congregation's insurance went up nearly $20,000}
Some how I doubt the State Government is feeling the pinch, but I sure am.

I guess the best I can say about this one, is well at least we didn't pull a Missouri and vote away our rights just so we can selfishly possibly, one day, fix our self inflicted wounds.

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