Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Computer fun

My retched machine has been randomly rebooting with no input for me for the past several weeks. For a while it was not much of a problem I just made sure I saved frequently and often, well lately it would take 10 minutes to get it to boot up in the morning because it would automatically reboot after I loged in. So, today I decided to see if reinstalling WinXP would help in the hopefully not vain hope that it was a software glitch.

So, I popped in the installation cd ran setup and it crashed. I ran it again, it crashed. Finally, I said to Rome with it and decided to reformat the drive. So far that has done the trick, the problem is it cost me a full day of work. I guess I could have worked on our other desktop, but sometimes it is really hard to concentrate when your work computer has gone belly up.

Anyhow, WinXP seems to be up and running now I just have to install all of the updates and reinstall all my additional software.

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