Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well At Least He Can Sympathize With Bevo

A t.u. fan nearly gave up his manhood for the team.

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Eric said...

What was that tea sip doing on the slum side of the Red River anyway? ;-)

I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow, and Lord willing, I'll be out no more than five hours after going in. Some of the countryside is rather beautiful, but the people are cursed with an understandable inferiority complex. It can make them downright churlish at times, as the unfortunate Mr. Thomas discovered.

A couple of interesting notes in the story... Neither man ever attended either university. The winner of the fight is a church deacon... who was hanging out in a bar. Maybe that’s normal in the upper Midwest, but in the heart of Baptist country it is scandalous. Do you think Mr. Thomas will be able to find an impartial jury up there?