Monday, September 17, 2007

My Thoughts on the Emmy Awards

House, Monk, and Kyra Sedgwick were robbed. "You really love me. You really do love me" was all I could think when Frog got up to give her speech.

They only gave the one award because they all worship Al Gore. I hadn't even heard of it before last night, so obviously it can't be all that big of a deal.

The banter as usual was forced and unnecessary. Does anybody honestly believe the presenters are buddies?

Where was Psych? That show is just plain fun tv. Oh wait, it hits too close to home for all of the actors, "I know, you know, I am not telling the truth..."

Kyra, Glenn, and Mariska we don't care if your shows have strong or weak female main characters, we watch them because they are entertaining shows. BTW Glenn Close you show your ignorance of TV History when you forget about every geek's dream girl, Agent Scully from the X-Files. She was smart, pretty, and would shoot you if you looked at her funny.

And was it me or did half the episodes nominated have something to do with homosexuals?

Anyways, it was all a waste of time and bunch of how great we are backslapping. All of which begs the question, just why did I watch them anyways? Oh yeah, 74 channels and nothing of quality to watch.

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