Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Gay" Travel

I am in the process of organizing our domestic missions trip to Houston, Tx for our congregation and I am researching travel costs so that we can plan our budget requirements. Out of due diligence I went to the Southwest Airlines website to get a general idea of ticket prices into Hobby. It is while looking at the group rate information page I noticed something.

Southwest Airlines is now in the business of catering to the homosexual community. Now if that just doesn't take the cake. They have put together a website to help homosexuals find "friendly" travel spots and to help them get to their events on the cheap. I don't know which is worse the implicit support of their lifestyle or the over the top capitalism. It really is a blatant attempt to market to their perceived core identity almost like Christian vendors and businesses. If you slap the word Christian (Gay) in the name than it is obviously good for the Christian (homosexual) community regardless of its content and intent. While this probably won't stop me from using Southwest, it is the height of stupidity and a great indicator of where our culture is heading. Anything and everything is fair game for marketing.

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Anonymous said...

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