Thursday, September 20, 2007

Council Meetings, A Inconvienent Necessity

And that goes double for this evening's meeting. I am thinking of opening the meeting with a motion to close the meeting. It isn't like we are actually going to discuss anything of importance. More importantly, my Aggies are taking on Miami 30 minutes after our meeting starts. I am thinking I am going to sneak in my walk-man so I can listen to the game. I wonder if anybody will notice the wig I am wearing to hide the ear buds?

Gig'em Aggies!

My prediction, the receivers have finally realized they can catch the ball, so Miami's D won't stop the Aggie offensive juggernaut. Yet, at the same time the Aggie D will be hard pressed to stop the Miami Offense. My fearless prediction -
Texas A&M - 30
Miami - 21


Eric said...

Why does Coach Fran think Mike Goodson is the key to the running game? Javorskie Lane touched the ball only two times in the entire game last night! I think we ought to feature the J-Train and throw Mike Goodson in for the change up pitch. (Who's with me???) Coach Fran seems to be trying the exact opposite. Javorskie Lane is the better back AND the upperclassman. PLEASE find a way to put the ball in his hands!

The defense gave up 402 yards, which for the Aggies is neither good nor bad... just typical. I was just as much against the firing of R.C. Slocum as I am presently opposed to the firing of Coach Fran, so I can say this... What I wouldn't give for just one game with an R.C. Slocum defense!!!

Seriously... those who want to fire Coach Fran are nuts. That would practically guarantee another 5 years of football futility. I have a lot of confidence in A.D. Bill Byrne, whatever he does, but I hope he doesn't fire the coach.

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

I missed the first half because of a council meeting, I apparently didn't miss much. What I heard made me think we didn't start out with our bread and butter. Don't knock Goodson, he is a great back, but against a speedy defense, like Miami's, we really needed to just pound it. I know they were expecting it, but really you shouldn't abandon what you are good at just because everybody expects you to do it. I would have pounded up the middle with both of them and let it wear and tear on their speed guys.

I normally don't jump on the fire the coach bandwagons, but I really have to wonder now if Fran is the man for the job.

Eric said...

I love Mike Goodson, but I think he will have much more success in the secondary role.