Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rock 'n' Roll Kills

Or so the 'brain' trust of Dial the Truth Ministries would have us to believe. DtTM is one of the sites I frequent on an infrequent basis, largely because it is entertaining to watch somebody proof text their way to proving that Rock music and modern translations of the Bible are evil. They are kind of like old Papa Pope with my German Hymns and my modern German translation of the Bible. There creative misuse of the Bible aside, they are on a crusade to prove that Rock Music is a fruit of the devil. Granted the music industry has given them much to fuel their fire, particularly of the rampant debauchery of the musicians. The latest log is an article from the UK on about the short lifespans of rock musicians.

DtTM, of course, jumps to the conclusion that the music itself kills largely because they believe the lifestyle is intrinsic to the nature of the music, but just as they are incapable of interpreting the Bible, they are also incapable of interpreting articles on scientific studies. The article is quite clear that it is the associated stress of the entertainment industry compounded by the easy access to various substances and activities that are contributing to the shortened lifespan not the music. However, DtTM does not understand that such excessive lifestyles are not intrinsic to the music itself. I can use myself as an example, I am doubly evil in their eyes because I don't listen to just Rock music, I partake in that full out audio assault of Heavy Metal some of my favorite groups include Metallica, Demon Hunter, AC/DC, Stryper, One Bad Pig and Twisted Sister to name a few. And yet, even though I listen to some of the music by these groups I have never, engaged in the sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Now I am not saying I am perfect, I am far from it, I just have not engaged my self in the extreme debauchery they claim is intrinsic to the nature of Rock music.

You see, contrary to DtTM the excessive lifestyle, lived out by many of the musicians and often tauted by the musicians, is not intrinsic to the music. Sure, some of the musicians of the musicians have claimed it is intrinsic but that doesn't mean they were right. No, the rock 'n' roll lifestyle is related to Rock music in the same fashion as the sin nature is to being human. It is not intrinsic to the nature. It can be Rock music without the rebellion and excessive lifestyle much in the same way we can be fully human without the sin nature.

One must remember, that Satan cannot create anything himself. He can only distort and warp things that already exist. So it is with Rock music. He distorted it much in the same way he deceived Adam and Eve into sinning that fateful day so long ago.

What does this all mean? It means that just as we daily need to have our sin nature drowned in the everlasting promises given in baptism we should also strive against the sin nature of Rock casting it aside so that all that is left is the good Rock music.

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