Monday, August 27, 2007

What is there to talk about?

Talk, talk, talk, talk that is all anybody seems to want to do. Once, again I read in the news that there are calls for new talks on homosexuality and the Bible. And I wonder what is there to talk about? Scripture is quite clear that their lustful thoughts and actions are sinful. Why are they so up in arms about that fact? There are lots of things that people like to do that are sinful. It is time for them to fess up.

But they won't. I ask why they are up in arms, but like any good lawyer I try to ask questions I already know the answer to. They don't want to think of themselves as sinners because it makes them feel bad about themselves and their desires. Welcome to the club! I don't like feeling bad about myself, and it is very painful to think of some of things I like as sins. However, just because I don't like how it makes me feel, does not make it any less true. A sin, is a sin, is a sin, it doesn't matter if it is the white lie you tell the telemarketer to avoid talking to them or murdering your neighbor. They are all equally abhorrent and therefore equally damning. But just because God condemns your sin doesn't make him an uncaring, hateful so and so. God hates our sin but he gave us the way out in Jesus. This is the whole point of the cross, to set us free from our sins through the blood of God himself.

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