Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sex Education - Reason #whatever for Home Schooling

Our local school district is fighting over the curriculum to use for the sex ed classes in the middle and high schools. Originally, they had approved a curriculum by an outside group who would come into teach. Uproar ensued because the group was a ministry associated with a local church. Planned Parenthood cried foul because they were going to push abstinence only and tell the kids just how many times prophylactics fail. Others complained that it would be taught by volunteers who are not qualified to teach.

I sat by and thought, boy am I glad I don't have to worry about this kind of garbage. Public schools have no place teaching kids about sex. Even though I went through public sex ed and I am no worse for wear, I do not want some education major teaching my kid how to put on a condom. In addition, my little girl doesn't need to be hearing only half truths about the pill.

Besides, I am more qualified to teach than any teacher in the school system. One, I am not a defeatist aka "their gonna do it anyways." Two, I actually know the subjects down to the biochemical level. Three, I have classroom and practical experience in teaching. Four, I have practical experience in maintaining virginity. I made it 27 years waiting for my wife, don't tell me it can't be done, and don't think I didn't have my chances.

Of course, I have to wonder, who determines who is qualified? I mean really,who? The education majors? They are going to decry the volunteers just to protect their job security and to justify the 60k+ of Mom and Dad's money they wasted. I wouldn't be surprised to find out their training was an one hour teacher's training session on a Saturday morning. Talk about your qualifications there. If you haven't guessed I believe education majors are a waste of space. If you are going to teach a subject actually learn the subject.

Of course, I am not siding with the ministry either. If they let them in they have to let others in and I would rather sex ed not be taught out of the Kama Sutra.

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