Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reason # Whatever + 1 for Homeschooling

Here is another good reason for homeschooling my child. I won't have to worry about them being suspended by fearful people because they drew a picture. In recent news a kid was suspended in Arizona for drawing a picture of a gun, ewww scarry. If the people running the schools today were around when I was wearing short pants and taking apples for the teacher, I would never have graduated 1st grade. I was always drawing pictures of guns, tanks, bombers. Surprise, Surprise I have never shot anyone or even thought about shooting anyone. But, educators today are so frightened of their own shadows that they overflow their diapers when ever a kid looks funny at them all because of a few whack jobs. Yeah, it is scary to think that your life could end just because somebody snapped but you can't let it rule your life. I lived for years in places guaranteed to become glow in the dark glass parking lots should the button ever be pushed but we didn't hide in a bunker quaking at the slightest sound, we just pushed on.

It frightens me to think that we have such fearful people teaching our children. I can't help but think that we are going to end up with a generation of quivering frightened sheep because, fear is what they were shown by their helicopter parents and their teachers. Actually, now that I think about it we already have the bleating frightened generation in charge. For we now, live in a place where anybody who stops in front of an airport is suspected of being a terrorist. Now if you want to pick somebody up you have to find the hidden cell phone lot that is 30 minutes away from the airport. If you don't you get some stiff in an orange vest going "don't you know they had an bombing in England?" (Sigh). We are losing our freedoms to those who would seek to use violence because we are too weak and frightened to stand up for what we believe in and live our lives in accordance with our beliefs.

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