Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Science Catches Up With The Bible

Yesterday, it hit the news that a study shows, infants as young as six months are capable of lying. This study may finally help turn the tide against the mistaken notion that babies are so innocent. Now it is arguable if the actions described in the study "fake crying", etc. indicate deceptive behavior or not. What is definite is that the children are exhibiting self-centered behavior which is equally sinful. So, it would seem that science may finally be catching up with the Bible.


Anonymous said...

I would disagree that behavior described in the study - the "fake crying" (horrid term) and the like - is universally sinful. From the outside looking in, all we know is that the babies needed/wanted something - presumably their mothers, in these cases - and know absolutely *nothing* about WHY they needed/wanted them. Unless you are going to argue that the very act of a baby (or anyone) needing something, and communicating that need in the only way open to them - crying - is inherently self-centered and sinful, then intent matters. While God sees their heart and knows when that child is sinning, we humans have NO SUCH WAY to determine the "validity" of any given cry, and any such attempt is flawed from the start. Thank God that he has not given us this superhuman task to accomplish - parenting is hard enough as it is.

JP Manzi said...

No offense, but I look forward to a new long post so I'll no longer get nightmares seeing this picture. I don't know why, but it really freaks me out.

Enjoy your blog by the way, glad that I have stumbled across it. As one whose faith life is in a transition period, I appreciate your voice for the LCMS.

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

It is rather disturbing isn't it? Well, let us hope that a hot button issue makes the news.