Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Infants Learn Right and Wrong Early On

This is something we may not have thought about overly much, but I think we need to put some thought into it. Differing groups in their desire to abandon anything remotely Romanish have abandoned baptism as a vehicle of God's Grace and in doing so deny children in baptism. One of the excuses they have come up with is they don't know right from wrong.

I beg to differ. The Law is written upon every man's heart (Jeremiah 31:33). This is evidenced more or less by a young child's desire to please their parents. Though they fail frequently they want to honor their parents and they realize that to do that means doing things that make mom and dad happy. Thus they begin with the basic concept that what makes mom and dad happy is right and what makes them unhappy is wrong. Their understanding may not go beyond that level, we don't know since they are limited in communication abilities, but the basic principle is there. They understand the concept of right and wrong. So to argue ignorance of right and wrong is a foolishness at best, but then what is a person going to do when they have made human reason the vehicle of salvation and thus replaced God.

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