Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Misgiving Gives Way

A while back I wrote about the fact I have been receiving numerous visitors looking for pictures of guns. For a while I was seriously considering removing the picture because they were just looking at the guns and the shear number overwhelmed my logs, that tends to happen when you sign up for a free service that allows you to look at the last 100 and you average 300+ hits a day. Any how, my misgivings are melting away because I have noticed a growing trend. People find me while looking for guns but now a growing number are clicking on topic categories, and to think I was considering removing those too. Needless to say, I have nothing against guns, they are tremendous fun to shoot at the range and I am not one to turn down great free advertising (My pic is the second listed on the first page of Google searches for guns) so the pic stays. I will look at this way for all who come looking for guns, I have good news for you.

BTW, major milestone we cleared 10,000 hits this week.

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