Monday, July 9, 2007

Religiously Confused Priestette Suspended

Ann Redding, who recently announced that she is both Christian and Muslim, has been suspended for one year. I am guessing this is to give her time to contemplate her errors and that she could return in repentance. However, somebody who was already living in blatant disregard to a biblical mandate is unlikely to repentant over such a minor doctrinal issue as the divinity of Jesus (please note dripping sarcasm). I hope that she does realize her error and repents of her sin. I must also say that is nice to see that even the EC-USA has its limits on what sins they will tolerate.


jWinters said...

Nice to see some limits indeed. I need to read more about this story - what I know of Islam wouldn't EVER allow this chick to think she's a muslim...oh well.

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

That is what the Muslims are saying themselves. She would have to deny the divinity of Christ to be a Muslim.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that she has nuanced the meaning of divinity so that for all intensive purposes the person she calls Jesus is no longer Jesus.