Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Reformation Of Contemporary Worship

I have stated before that the solution to Contemporary Worship is not abandoning it rather it is to reform it. Whether or no you like it is here to stay. People are not going to abandon the tradition they grew up with unless they are dissatisfied with the tradition ( the CW nuts are like to jump on me for calling their service a tradition, because isn't it by definition the antithesis to tradition?). This is a similar situation that Luther faced when asked to write a German Mass. He knew that a total departure would be unnecessarily stressful for people because the Roman Mass is what they grew up with so to completely redo things would be harmful rather than helpful. The same thing will happen if we try to eliminate CW. There are now people who have grown up in the CW tradition and they would be set a drift if they were suddenly removed from that which is familiar. This is why I feel we need to follow Luther's example. Keep what works and chuck the rest, all the while replacing somethings with orthodox replacements. Simple changes could go a long way towards changing from the me focus of much of CW to Christ focus. One of which is replacing the "I" songs with "Christ" songs. Switch out the dumb "me" ditties with well written contemporary style orthodox songs gradually and they probably won't even notice. And the beauty is they will have catchy songs that can now positively influence their lives rather than continue to focus inwardly on themselves and sing about what they are going to do rather than rejoice over what God has done for them.

Anyhow, long story short, too late you say, I am trying to put into practice my own preaching and I have started to write contemporary style songs. I have the first one completed and as soon as I figure things out I will post it up here for you to hear and hopefully enjoy.


jWinters said...

Dr. Luther of the 21st Century,
I'm looking forward to seeing your "CW Mass" :-) It sounds intriguing.

You also mentioned that you are putting some things into practice in your preaching. This is also very interesting to me - what sorts of things are you trying?

You alluded to, and I also think, the idea that this sort of a Reformation could be the most dramatic and daring option. The two easiest ways out of something are always either to adopt it in totality or to damn it completely. This approach does neither.

Thanks for your daring.

in Christ,

L P Cruz said...

Wow someone who has sense on this issue.

There are a few people that are not fanatics, you seem like one of them.

You don't seem to sing the party line, you probably did not attend seminary.


Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

Actually, I graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, in 2005.

prayeramedic said...

Where are you located? I'm looking for a church, like yesterday. I'm in Northwest Indiana. According to most Lutherans, I'm one of those bastard children who are used to charismatic worship settings, but I have come to essentially agree with Lutheran doctrine and would like to find a church home for my wife and I.