Thursday, January 24, 2008

Macaddicts Latest Fix

Macaddicts are foaming at the mouth over Apple's latest creation, the super thin Macbook Air. Now don't get me wrong the idea of fitting a laptop inside an envelop can even get a Macsceptic such as myself excited, but they need some truth in advertising. First of all they need to let people know they are going to have to spend more than the 1800 for the basic setup in order to have a working computer. They are also going to need to either buy the USB super drive or another Mac or PC in order to provide support for the Air in case of a failure and as we saw with the latest OS X launch Macs do fail from time to time. Why will they need to spend more? Because the Air lacks a necessary component for a stand alone system, a DVD drive. They taut it as the ultimate in portability and power, but forget about conveniently using for watching movies on the airplane or during boring meetings because you are going to have to hook up your USB super drive in order to do so. In case you have never tried such a feat it is very cumbersome. What is worse is they have the gall to call this horrid bug a feature. This is like Bill Gates calling Windows ME the best thing to ever happen to PC's. It just ain't right. Part of me wonders if this isn't an experiment to see if Macaddicts really will salivate at the sound of Steve Jobs voice ala Pavlov, because really the only people who are going to buy the Macbook Air are the Macaddicts, so they can get their fix, and the technologically stupid who believed the pimply faced kid at Best Buy. My advise, if you really want to waste your money on a Mac get the Pro at least it is a real computer.


Lutheran Lucciola said...

I agree.

I won't be buying it.

ghp said...

It fills an interesting, if not fully necessary, niche. I think that it's going to be more notable for what it provides for the refreshing of the MacBookPros, technology-wise. (e.g., the keyboard, and multi-touch pad) It should also be noted that Jobso didn't beat Intel up to get that way small CPU package in order to not use it in lots of other stuff.

No, the MBA is an interesting bridge product that happens to look really sexy.

I would've preferred to see a tablet...