Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCain The Republican's Horse?

Winning Florida looks to have won McCain the nomination. I realize Mitt still is in the race, but I suspect with the Governors now starting to back McCain he is going to win the nomination. I'll be frank, McCain is easier on the stomach than Mitt despite being a firebrand. At least you know how he will move. I like that in a candidate. I can respect a person more when they vote their beliefs. The question is can McCain/Whoever beat Obama/Clinton (my prognostication as too the Democratic ticket)?

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TulipGirl said...

I think McCain would do well in ending the war well. . . and would not act in a way that dishonors the troops or leaves the Iraqi people vulnerable. And so in spite of many things I don't like about McCain, he'll have my support.

Similarly, while I don't think Clinton is trustworthy, I think she has more "common sense" and would be able to navigate the delicate balances of being President in a way I don't believe Obama is equipped for. . .

I find it. . . troublesome. . . how much support Obama is gathering from what seems to be unlikely sources.