Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Another church body has given up the ways of God for the ways of the world. The Christian Reformed Church voted to ordain women and thus have deepened the divide between themselves and orthodoxy. May God preserve his remnant and rescue people from the ways of the world.


John G Erikson said...

You are an idiot, you can not possibly think that ordaining woman is in some way disconnecting you with God. Orthodoxy is not always puriety.

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

john, obviously I do think that the ordination of women is a disconnect from God. To ordain women is to ignore God's desires and any time one ignores God's desires they disconnect themselves from God.

Oh yes, might I suggest that you learn the meaning of orthodoxy? Literally translated it means right teaching. Right teaching in its essence is going to be pure.