Monday, June 11, 2007

And They Sacrificed Their Children For Their Idols

One of the most despicable religious practices ever conceived by man is the sacrifice of their children. Today, I would be very surprised to find anybody who would condone such religious acts. The reactions of people in criminal cases involving children give strong evidence to this fact. We take strong actions against anybody who would seek to harm a child i.e. To Catch a Predator, unless the harm that befalls the child comes in the guise of a sacrifice to the god of self. The god of self manifests himself in many ways, fear, selfish desire, unwillingness to accept the consequences of one's actions just to name a few. And when women seek to appease the god of self they visit the priests of the god of self in order to sacrifice their child upon her altar. For you see that is what abortion ultimately is, the sacrifice of a child to the god of self.

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