Thursday, May 17, 2007

You're Busted...I'm Suing reports that Planned-Selfishness, I mean Planned Parenthood, is suing a student reporter for posing as 15 year old victim of statutory rape and recording the conversations that took place in one of their offices. They claim that the reporter had no right to record their employees. This is actually not true. Legal precedence allows for people to record others without consent. They, however, cannot use the tape as evidence in the court of law. If it were illegal to tape somebody without consent, all of the consumer rights investigative reporters, and shows like Predator would have long been shut down.

What is happening is a classic scare tactic. You made me look bad so I am going to get you to back down by threatening a lawsuit. I hope she fights and I hope she wins. Planned Parenthood could do with a little accountability.

I wonder if congress is going to looking to the funding of illegal activities at Planned Parenthood. After all the non-reporting of sexual abuse by a mandatory reporter such as a counselor/worker at Planned Parenthood is a crime.

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jWinters said...

This is pretty amazing. Not really that surprising...but really sad.