Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Bold Witness

In spite of the possible fallout for going public with her faith a Florida Valedictorian shared her faith with her fellow graduates and their families during her speech. While, her theology could use some major work, I do admire her courage to speak out in what has become a hostile arena for Christians. I wish more of our people would be bold enough to say

“Though I am far from perfect and one single breach of moral law drives each of us far from God’s perfect standard of perfection,” continued the Christian valedictorian, “Jesus Christ has loved me, taken a punishment for my sins, and cared about every detail of my life.

“As I stand here before you tonight, it’s with the sincerest heart and purest of intentions that I tell you that Jesus Christ, creator of the universe, that each one of you, loves you too.” -

The superintendent of the school later called her speech "insensitive and offensive". If that is insensitive and offensive than call me insensitive. Is there no better time, than a speech that is traditionally focused on the graduates future, to express to them the one thing that can give them the best possible future of all time?

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