Monday, November 26, 2007

A Great Thanksgiving with a hint of tartness

For Aggies the world over it was a pretty good Thanksgiving. Our boys beat t.u. for the second year in a row. Whoop! And our B-ball guys creamed Ohio State in the NIT preseason tournament final, and I mean creamed, they made it look easy.

The football game was exciting yet frustrating to watch. Exciting for the obvious, we pretty well dominated t.u. for most of the game running and passing nearly at will. Frustrating for pretty much the same reason, this is what we expected to see all season not just for the t.u. game. Why couldn't they play like this all year? I'll be honest, I don't think I can answer that question and I am not going to drop all the blame on now former coach Fran, those boys probably played their own part in the five losses we suffered this year. This brings up the other tartness of the weekend Coach Fran resigned an hour after the game. I am not his biggest fan, but I still don't like to see these things happen. Although, I am willing to say if it wasn't for the email thing he would still be the head coach. Well, I wish him well and I think he will do well at a mid-major school.

Now, it sounds like AD Bryne has his new coach in hand, we will find out noon today. The Chronicle is reporting on Harris' "Aggie Blog" that Michael Sherman, the offensive coordinator for the Houston Texans, is likely the new head coach. We will see.

Mike Sherman's "resume"
89-93 TAMU Offensive Line Coach
94 UCLA Offensive Line Coach
95-96 TAMU Offensive Line Coach
97-98 Green Bay Tight End Coach
99 Seattle Offensive Coordinator
00-05 Green Bay Head Coach
06- Houston Offensive Coordinator

As the Green Bay HC he compiled a 53-27 record and won three NFC North titles. I think he could be a good pick for the Aggies. He knows the school and he knows the state. He will need to find a really good Defensive coordinator as he is admittedly an offensive minded coach.

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Eric said...

I've heard on local ESPN radio that former Aggie great, Johnny Holland, is a likely pick for defensive coordinator. He is currently filling some sort of defensive coaching role with the Houston Texans.

I am slowly warming up to Mike Sherman. One of the things I really liked from his press conference yesterday was when he started talking about how he personally knows all the coaches and owners in the NFL. This seems like a potentially HUGE recruiting advantage -- especially with offensive skill players. "So, son, you want to play in the NFL? You're gonna want me on your team. Come to Aggieland." It could also motivate some of our current talent to stay in school for another year.

The quality of Bill Byrne's work will ultimately be judged by wins on the field, but almost everything about this transition has been picture perfect. I love the fact that our next coach has already been named. I love the fact that our current group of coaches and players get to play a bowl game with one eye on the future and the other on the past. I mean, they should be motivated to win one more game for Fran, AND motivated to showcase their coaching and playing talents -- not for some amorphous, yet-to-be-named unknown, but for Mike Sherman. All in all I think Bill Byrne has done a pretty good job.