Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Texas Tech Shows How Low They Can Go

Ok, I am a Texas College Football fan and former student of Texas A&M so I can get into the whole rivalry scene with the best of them, but the one thing I can't stand are the low brow insults. Well this past week students from Tech began selling t-shirts that featured a football player hanging a collie from a leash with the caption "Vick 'em" now this is not only tasteless but it is also supremely stupid, but then what can you expect from a group who couldn't get into the real universities.

I don't think I need to go into how tasteless the shirt is with its blatant endorsement of animal cruelty, but I can't imagine anybody being so dumb. If there is one thing that is going to turn people against you it is the threat of animal cruelty. Look at what happened to Michael Vick, the guy they modeled the shirt after, he was dumped faster than a Hollywood spouse. But, I guess I can't expect much from a school who's great achievements include ramming a goal post into the visitor section and throwing tortillas.

I really hope this epitome of classless lack of taste gets the team so fired up they pound Tech into the dirt on their home field. That would be the sweetest payback. Besides, I am tired of losing in Lubbock.

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Eric said...

A little more than a year ago I was driving through the t.u. campus and saw a student wearing a burnt orange t-shirt that said "Saw'em Off." For those who don't know, that phrase is ubiquitous on the Texas A&M campus, where it is a reference to Bevo's -- the Texas mascot's -- horns. I don't know if sawing a cow's horns off would hurt the animal or not, but I suspect it wouldn't be altogether pleasant for the poor beast.


The t-shirt in Austin featured a silhouetted image of Reveille with her legs severed. No matter how painful or how debilitating it might be to cut a cow's horns off, can it really be compared to the cruelty of cutting off a dog's legs? I was stunned and sickened by that t-shirt, and I'm not a big dog lover.

Anyway, it made me think about the whole idea of cutting off an animal's horns. I mean, I suppose we can't really get away from that expression, given the lyrics of The Aggie War Hymn and how cool it is to see the stands sway on a Saturday afternoon at Kyle Field; but it may not be the kindest or classiest thing about our own alma mater.

I don't understand why anyone would tear down their own goal post after a big win. What's the logic? "We've just won a big game... let's vandalize our own facilities!" It's just plain DUMB, and I'm proud to say that during my lifetime it has never happened at Kyle Field. I was there when we beat #1 ranked Oklahoma. That was the biggest win at Kyle Field in the history of our football program, and the goal posts were never once in jeopardy.