Monday, October 29, 2007

The Red Sox won?

Call me out of it but I didn't even know that the World Series had started. Oh well, I hadn't paid much attention to baseball since it was clear the Rangers and Astros were going no where. Much more important has been the daily soap opera that is College Football. While it has been a bittersweet season for the Aggies it has been fun watching the cavalcade of top ten upsets beginning with Michigan. And, of course, watching the Fighting Papists lose is always good for the soul. Then there is the eternal question of when is Mark Mangino coach of the Kansas Jayhawks going to have a heart attack. Hey, coach you can't eat like your lineman. Besides, you are too good of a coach to lose you to something stupid like heart disease. Last, but not least, is the fun of watching the TV talking heads sing the praises of the top ten teams just to watch them lose to an unranked or division II team and then have to back peddle on how such and such team is not too talented to be beaten.

All of this goes with out mentioning the heart burn caused by my consistently inconsistent Aggies. The way they are going you should buy stock in GlaxcoSmithKline because I am going through Tums like they were M&M's.


Eric said...

I got into a rather heated discussion with my dad (all in good humor -- he's Class of '66) the other night over whether Fran should have kicked a field goal on 4th and 1 in the 2nd quarter and/or 4th and whatever in the 4th. If you saw it on my blog you already know that I wanted a field goal in both situations. It was an entirely different situation from the Texas Tech game where field goals are completely worthless.

If you saw the coverage on ESPN2 did you notice the way Bob Davies talked early in the game about the great win A&M got at Nebraska last week, and then later in the game when he was talking about the bad-teammate remarks from Martellus Bennett that win suddenly became a loss. And he didn't let that slip out just once. He called it a loss TWICE in the same segment. I was totally flabergasted. AS IF IT WEREN'T BAD ENOUGH WATCHING THE SPANKING KANSAS WAS PUTTING ON OUR BOYS, YOU HAVE TO TAKE AWAY THE NEBRASKA WIN TOO??? And that coming from our former defensive coordinator without any correction or clarification by his partner in the booth. WOW!

The broadcasters also talked about how the option offense eats up a lot of time in practice. Since we already know that the option won't work against OU's high quality defense, why don't we just shelf the option and work on passing all week in practice. I mean... when the team is forced to play catch up McGee can actually move the ball pretty well. And it's not like they will be completely unable to run an option if they practice something else for a week. Bring it back against the slightly more suspect defense at Missouri (if you must).

Is next week's game being shown on ABC in your market? It's on at 7pm here in Dallas, and I plan on suffering through the whole thing... although I might have to bring a good book along!

Eric said...

You know... I would put Mangino on the short list to replace Fran, but you have to wonder how long he is going to be able to carry around that weight. I hope he is around for a long time, because from all appearances he is one of the best in the business.

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

I might put Mangino on my list too after watching that stomping he gave us, but even as poorly as the game went we still had a chance to beat them going into the final minutes of the game does give him some question marks. We just didn't get the job done.

On my short list are Jim Leavitt South Florida or Henry Frazier III PV A&M. I don't know of any others right off hand. Frazier might come as it is a promotion for him, but I don't see Leavitt leaving a school that worships the ground he walks on. I am thinking we might want to look at various coordinators if we replace Fran. Find somebody with everything to prove and nothing to lose.

I do wish people would stop naming Spurrier. I put up with him as the coach of the Washington Redskins and I do not want anything to do with him at ATM. The man can put together good teams, but he is too much of a win at any cost guy. We had enough of that under Jackie.

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

I don't think I am going to get to see the game unless we are doing the unthinkable and our game becomes a blow out. For some strange reason, is showing that we are getting the Oregon State/USC game. You would think that since we are in Florida we would see the FSU/BC game.

Eric said...

My sister works in the 12th Man office. I've heard her float some interest in Major Applewhite. He's probably too young right now, but I remember his fire and passion for the game more than anything else. (We were fools for passing on him when he wanted to come play for us.) I kind of like the idea.

Brian Davis, who covers the Aggies for the Dallas Morning News, didn't mention any names, but expects an up-and-coming X's and O's guy with some swagger. He said we need someone who's going to walk in a recruit's door on Day 1 and say, "We're the (explitive) Texas Aggies. We'll win with you; we'll win without you." "All this talk about, 'Well, we just hope to get one more point than they do' should go flying out the window." At this point the only way I think Fran can save his job is by beating Oklahoma and Texas.