Thursday, April 17, 2008

Afternoon show leaves a lot to be desired

I finally got to hear some clips of the new Afternoon Show on KFUO courtesy of Save the LCMS and this is all I have to say. It sounds like something KSBJ vomited up, if you aren't familiar with the giant Christian radio station in Houston, it is a lame vacuous example of wasting air time and space full of crap pop theology and annoyingly perky djs. With the current inexplicable fear of being different that seems to rule the LCMS a great show that discussed theology from a clearly Lutheran perspective has been replaced with inane banter. Yeah, that's going to reel them in and win them souls. Come on Board of Communications bring back Issues, ETC. and fire the director of KFUO.

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Eric said...

I have heard KSBJ. You could have substituted KLTY (Dallas) for KSBJ and spoken the same truth. Thanks for posting on this issue.