Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Newest Pet Peeve

My newest and greatest pet peeve is advertisements who rather than try to sell their product make fun of other products. Chief of these ads is the Apple ads featuring two guys known as PC and Mac. Every time I see one of these ads I have to wonder what it is about Macs that they feel that to make people want to buy them they have to make be little pc's. Their latest foray is an ad proclaiming the fastest Vista machine was a Mac, what they don't tell you is at the time the PCWorld benchmark was run nobody else was running a Intel dual core at 2.6 ghz. Their claim has since fallen to the Eurocom D-900C - Phantom X which granted using an Intel quad core. I would also like to see how it compares with Alienware's new contender which features much of the same equipment as the Macbook Pro.

They aren't the only ones guilty of this Altell is not far behind in annoyance levels and Metropcs is catching up. If your product is so great and wonderful sell it as great and wonderful don't belittle somebody else's product. They make it seem as if they are trying to mask some great deficiency by getting you to focus on supposed problems.

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